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Our success is only as good as the success of our clients.

Our products and services are an investment in efficiency and cost reduction. Digital Wellbore is committed to ensuring we achieve the highest standards. Through drilling, completions, and interventions, we will help companies address the challenges they face drilling horizontal wells through data collection to make future jobs more efficient with less non-productive time.

Our success is only as good as the success of our clients. Digital Wellbore is committed to addressing the unique challenges of horizontal wells through world-class products and services that will help you achieve your goals of making your operations more efficient.

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Well Diagnostics

FloTrac™ Ultra High-Resolution Nanoparticle Tracer Technology

The FloTrac™ Ultra High-Resolution Nanoparticle Tracer is a cost-effective, unintrusive and versatile technology for precise flow mapping in energy operations. With its heat-stable and inert particles, FloTrac is compatible with both oil and water, seamlessly integrating into your existing completion design. Its easy deployment and quick, accurate testing make it ideal for applications like multi-stage completions, water flood, heavy oil, geothermal and CO2 flood. Leveraging advanced data-driven diagnostics, FloTrac provides unparalleled flow behaviour insights, enabling energy companies to optimize performance while cutting costs.

Carbon Capture Verification

CarbonTrace Carbon Verification and Soil Analysis Technology

CarbonTrace™ Carbon verification and soil analysis technology offers advanced soil analysis and verification technology for those looking to profit in the carbon credit market. Our start-of-the-art technology digs deep, sampling soil from seven feet down to capture the most accurate carbon data. Using next-level sub-atomic and nano-particle analytics, we’ve identified carbon levels up to 27 times higher per acre than what standard lab tests show. That means you get more bang for your buck when you trade in those high-value carbon credits. This solution is ideal for cities, commercial landowners, ranchers, and farmers with non-tilled lands. In tests, we’ve increased verified carbon capture from 3 tons per acre to 81 tons, making CarbonTrace™ a practical choice for boosting revenue while being environmentally responsible.

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