About Us

Our products and data services will improve your efficiency and make your bottom line better.

Digital Wellbore is a leader in the global Oilfield Services (OFS) industry. Our approach is simple and comprehensive. We collect information obtained from the deployment of our proprietary Sensor Tools that are specifically designed to be used over the life of a horizontal well.

A client-focused company built on innovation and driven by data, Digital Wellbore brings a cross-disciplinary understanding of how to operate horizontal wells that incorporates the collection of data and predictive analytics from downhole equipment.

The oilfield is undergoing a digital transformation, and Digital Wellbore is at the forefront of the shift to address the unique problems that horizontal wells present across the three main disciplines of Drilling, Completions and Interventions:

Digital and conventional drilling tool accessories for improving drilling efficiency

Multi-stage completions with conventional and digital components.

Tools for stimulation and workovers deployed on coiled tubing or jointed pipe both conventional digital.

Well Construction
Well construction tools both digital and conventional.

Artificial Lift
A variety of artificial lift products.

Well Diagnostics
Nano particle tracer technologies for mapping flows in conventional and thermal completions.

Carbon Capture Verification
Measuring and validating Canada’s natural carbon sink.

With over 120 years of experience, our track record speaks for itself.

We find new technologies and methods to grow and improve profits for businesses. By providing data insights into current operations, Digital Wellbore will improve operational efficiency and reduce Non-Productive Time (NPT) which costs the Oil and Gas industry billions of dollars each year.


Digital Wellbore will be the globally recognized brand in predictive analytics and sub-surface products and services that will deliver operational efficiency for upstream oil and gas producers. We will be a sought-after company by ambitious and energetic team members and growth-oriented investors.

Executive Team

Andrew Buzinsky

President & Chief Executive Officer

A results-oriented energy services executive, Andrew Buzinsky has over 30 years of experience in engineering, operations, manufacturing, business development, and technology. Andrew has a proven track record in building high performance teams with a client-focused approach to business development and strategic planning.

Andrew completed his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan in 1988 and has been a professionally accredited engineer with The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta since 1990. In 2009, he completed his Master of Business Administration at Queen’s University and became a Certified Professional Accountant.

In 2012, Andrew founded Trican Completion Solutions, growing the company to 330 employees in over nine countries before selling the company to National-Oilwell Varco (NOV) in 2016. He helped form the team that designed the world’s first Casing Drilling System at Tesco, and currently holds five U.S. and Canadian patents on downhole equipment.

Dwayne Whitney

Chief Operating Officer

With over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Dwayne Whitney brings an extensive skillset to Digital Wellbore. From his humble beginnings as a driller with Sarcee Drilling in the late 1970s, Dwayne has successfully built a global network across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America and established himself as a business development leader in the industry.

From marketing, financial planning, operations, distribution, and development of new technologies, among a host of other skills, Dwayne brings a diverse level of experience that will support Digital Wellbore as it strives to deliver products and services that support client success.

Since 2005, Dwayne has held various roles related to business development, including with Calgary-based Thru Tubing Solutions, Trican Completion Solutions alongside President & CEO Andrew Buzinsky, and National Oilwell Varco – Completion & Production Solutions.

Geoff Best

VP, Business Development

Bringing a dynamic blend of entrepreneurship and corporate expertise to his VP of Business Development role, Geoff Best has built, scaled, and led businesses in multiple industries. With a career spanning over three decades, Geoff has gained a reputation for driving exponential growth and fostering innovation.

Geoff’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s in Urban Land Economics from the University of British Columbia and specialized training in AI applications in Business from MIT’s Sloan School of Business. His knack for adapting cutting-edge technology to business strategies adds a unique dimension to his leadership style.

Over the years, Geoff has demonstrated his commitment to community and social impact as a Volunteer Director for Movember Canada and the Canadian Youth Business Foundation. At the intersection of entrepreneurship and corporate leadership, Geoff’s diverse skill set positions him as a catalyst for sustainable growth and innovation.

Uliana Yildirim, PhD

Vice President, Technology

With nearly 30 years of experience, Uliana Yildirim is a recognized leader in the field of natural sciences. Bringing a distinctive blend of academic rigour and industry expertise, Dr. Yildirim holds a Master of Science from Kazan State University and a Ph.D. from Kazan National Research Technology University.

Founder of 50+ Solutions, based in Calgary, Alberta, she has led efforts to create actionable solutions for senior professionals, allowing them to share knowledge, find jobs and reinvent themselves. As Director of Community Engagement at Intrinsic Innovations, Dr. Yildirim leveraged her technical acumen to drive community partnerships.

Memberships and affiliations aside, what sets Uliana apart is her unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, as demonstrated by her breadth of work and recognition. She is the recipient of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Regional Service Award in Canada and holds a Distinguished Service Award from the Petroleum Society of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. To date, she has authored over 50 technical publications and has been a key player in several greenhouse gas reduction initiatives.

Advisory Board

Chris Beaton

Investment Banking,
M&A Advisory

Dawn Sweany

Human Resources,
Recruiting and Strategy

Justin Hughes

High Performance Teams,
Project Execution

Martine Boucher

Corporate Legal,
International Business

Bill McCall

Investment Banking, M&A Advisory, Corporate Finance

Nicholas Buzinsky

PhD (Physics), Data Science, Predictive Analytics

Digital Wellbore is ready to help you become a success.